How to Pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum

  1. We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for virtual cards. To buy your card with Bitcoin or Ethereum, please follow the instructions below.

    Select and add one or several cards to the Cart:

  2. Select Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) payment option:

    The amount payable in BTC or ETH is commission-free and set at current market traded rates at the time of order confirmation.

  3. Click the BUY NOW button to be redirected to the page of your order:

  4. Check your order on the order page and click PAY NOW. Please note, that the exact amount in the cryptocurrency chosen is shown below your total order amount. We strongly recommend to enter your e-mail address, so that our Support Team would be able to re-send cards to you in case you do not receive them for some reason after payment.

    You will be further redirected to CoinPayments integrated payment gateway website.

  5. In the Choose Your Coin field on CoinPayments page click the payment currency button (BTC or ETH depending on your initial choice) and then click Complete Checkout to proceed with your payment.

    You will be redirected to the next page to enter details required for payment.

  6. To make the payment, log in to your Bitcoin or Etehreum wallet and sent the amount specified in the Amount Remaining field to the address specified in the Address field.

    ATTENTION! Please save the Payment ID specified on CoinPayments page. In case there is an Internet problem and you fail to receive your card, you will need to report your Payment ID to our Support Team for prompt assistance with your order.

  7. On the next CoinPayments page when redirected, please click “Continue to the seller's store” to return to our website.

  8. Please wait till your order is made available on our website. Your card will be at your disposal as soon as your transaction gets 3 confirmations from the Bitcoin network or 50 confirmations if you use Ethereum. A transaction time depends on the network availability and does not usually exceed 30 minutes.

  9. Once your Bitcoin transaction gets 3 confirmations (50 confirmations in case of Ethereum), please click the REFRESH PAGE button to receive your card.

    When the system receives the required number of confirmations, your purchased card's data will appear on our web-page.

  10. ATTENTION! Once you receive your card data, please copy and save them in a secure place! Please, DO NOT close Take Your Card page until you have copied your card data! Further re-opening of a previous website page or a saved link containing your card data received is NOT possible.

  11. Your purchased virtual card must be registered on our website before use. You can do it immediately by clicking the Register Card button or later using the Card Registration section of our website menu. Note, that cards can be registered on any name and any real address (Canadian cards – on an address in Canada only).

What to do if you face any problem receiving your card?

If you have sent a Bitcoin or Etereum payment but have not been redirected to our website to receive your card, please check if the full amount specified on the CoinPayments page has been sent. In case the Amount Remaining field is still showing any balance, it means that you have not sent the total amount required.

To receive your card, you need to pay the full amount of your order. Please send the remaining amount shown in the Amount Remaining field to the specified address and follow the above-mentioned instructions starting from point 6.

If you have not received your card for any other reason, please refer to What to Do if You Have Not Received or Lost Your Card page in this Menu Section.

We hope this guide could help you. If you still have questions or there are any issues while making your payment, please contact our Support Team. Enjoy your shopping with Ezzocard!

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