Overpayment or Underpayment: What to Do?

The Rules for Refunding Erroneously Transferred Funds

Some of the customers may encounter a situation in which they either overpay for products and want to get the the overpayment amount back or they fail to pay in full and such an underpayment means they will not get the cards they have put into their shopping cart.

What should one do in such cases? Here are the steps to be taken in both situations.

If you underpaid and didn't receive your cards, the solution is absolutely easy - we invite you to contact our Support Team and our staff will tell you the amount that needs to be paid extra. In case you do not want to pay or cannot pay the additional amount, you may get your refund according to the rules described below in this article.

If you overpaid (transferred more money than the order requires), the overpayment amount may be used to pay for any upcoming order or also refunded as outlined here. Anyway, you should reach out to our customer support.

There are two possible ways for refunding money:

  1. The refund in the currency of payment

    You can get your money back in the currency you initially used for the payment. In this scenario, you will incur a 10% commission charge of the refund amount, but not less than 5USD per transaction (if not for USDT.TRC20).

  2. The refund in Tether Tron (USDT.TRC20)

    If you opt for the refund in USDT.TRC20, you will be charged a commission of 3 USD per transaction.

The latter variant may seem to be more interesting as the amount of the commission is fixed.

To get refunded, the customers are welcome to address the Support Team of ezzocard.com reporting the data of their transaction (Payment ID) and the e-mail they used for their order.

Yet, we would like to stress that these rules do not apply to the refund procedure for purchased items which is described in detail in the Refund Policy section of our Terms and Conditions.

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