What to do if you have not received or lost your card?

  1. Keep calm! Technical failures may occur though very rarely. We just assure you that we will definitely solve any arising issues and you will not lose your money!

  2. Please feel free to contact our Support Team using either e-mail or Live Chat Widget.

  3. Please report your Payment ID and the address to which your payment was sent in your message to the Support Team so we could solve your problem faster. In case of a payment with Perfect Money, report your your transaction's Batch number.

    Attention! Live Chat support is available on a regular basis 6am-6pm GMT Monday-Friday. Thus, Saturday and Sunday requests will get feedback on Monday.

What to do if you have lost your card or not saved your card data?

  1. If you accidentally have closed the page with your card data without saving them or lost your card, please contact our Support Team. Note that you will need to specify your payment details in the request (Payment ID, cryptocurrency address of the recipient or Batch number).

  2. If you have lost some part of your card data (CVV, Expiration Date or PIN) and not saved your payment details, please report all information available on your card to our Support Team, including the address to which your card is registered. We will help you to recover the missing information.

The following recommendations will allow you to reduce the time of receiving your card in case of a technical problem:

  1. Enter your e-mail on the page of your order. If you do not receive your card after the payment process is completed, we will send your card to your e-mail on the next working day.

  2. If you pay with a cryptocurrency, please save your Payment ID. Provide it to our Suport Team so we could quickly find your order in case you have not received your card.

We hope these recommendations will help you and make our service even more convenient.

We wish you a pleasant shopping on Ezzocard!