Tips and Recommendations for Easier and Trouble-free Payments

  1. We recommend you to enter your e-mail address on the order confirmation page. In case there is an Internet problem and you fail to receive your card, we will be able to send your card to your e-mail address on the next working day.

    Please enter your e-mail so our Support Team could contact you if necessary.

  2. You can reduce the time you have to wait for the payment confirmation from the blockchain network if you increase Network fee for your transaction in your wallet by changing it from Regular to Priority.

  3. ATTENTION! We highly recommend you save your Payment ID. In case there is a network failure, this will be used by our Support Team to trace your payment and deliver your order.

  4. To monitor the status of your payment on our website, please click “Check your payment status”.

We are hopeful these instructions will be much help to you. Feel free to contact our Support Team in case you face an issue or have additional questions concerning your payment. We wish you a pleasant shopping with Ezzocard!