Anonymous payments on the Internet

In today's world, the importance of privacy is increasing. This applies to all spheres of life, including payments. It is often important to us that information about our payments cannot be tracked. The reasons can be very different – to protect yourself from scammers, to maintain confidentiality in a delicate situation, and even to make an anonymous gift. The growing demand for anonymity of payments gives rise to an increasing number of tools that meet the high demand of society for privacy.

In General, payment anonymization tools can be divided into 5 groups:

  1. Cryptocurrencies
  2. Disposable cards - intermediary services
  3. Prepaid virtual bank cards
  4. Prepaid plastic bank cards
  5. Ezzocard prepaid virtual bank cards

Further on we are going to look closer at the features of these tools and compare them with Ezzocard prepaid virtual cards we offer. If you do not want to go into details and read the descriptions, you can move directly to the comparative table and conclusions at the end of the article.

It should be noted that the anonymity of the method we are going to evaluate is based on the assumption that you have taken steps in advance to protect the privacy of your online presence: anonymous surfing (VPN, Tor, etc.), anonymous email, disabled cookies and browser history (incognito mode).

1. Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies is one of the most well-known methods of anonymous payments. Most cryptocurrencies are pseudonymous (as opposed to anonymous). The nature of the block chain, bitcoin (most popular cryptocurrency) and most others implies complete transparency of transactions. Thus, your anonymity can be ensured only if you can hide the connection of your crypto-wallet with your identity, i.e. do not leave on the Internet information on which you can be associated with a crypto-currency address. This is quite achievable - there are many articles on-line how it could be done. It is even better to use relatively new cryptocurrencies (Dash, Zcash, Monero), the creators of which have focused on their anonymity and ensured the security of transactions. Their use completely removes the problem of anonymity. But they are less common, so you will not get as many services for them as, for example, for Bitcoin.

The weak point of cryptocurrencies is serious restrictions on the use as a payment - most online services and online stores do not accept cryptocurrencies. If your needs for anonymous payments are wider than the narrow niche of services that accept cryptocurrencies, you will have to turn to other methods of anonymizing your payments. At the same time, it is worth noting that the absolute advantage of cryptocurrencies is complete independence from your geographical location - you can buy cryptocurrency and make payments from anywhere in the world.

It is also necessary to keep in mind the high variability of exchange rate (volatility of value) of all cryptocurrencies. This means that the cost of your cryptocurrency can change quickly and significantly.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • You can purchase and make payments anonymously

  • No geographical restrictions

  • Narrow scope - most stores and services do not accept cryptocurrencies

  • High volatility value

2. Disposable Cards - Intermediary Services

There are many services (Entropay.com, Privacy.com etc.), which allow you to mask the user’s data and their cards. The tools that use these services are usually called masked cards or disposable virtual cards. The principle of most of these services is that each payment service creates online one time use credit card number, which can be used only for this payment. It is also usually possible to use a fictitious name when paying. Thus, you keep your name and real card data secret from the recipient of the money, and protect your personal data from theft when making a payment. But the anonymity you get is very conditional (limited). The service has all your personal data (their introduction is required when registering and paying for the service), and if necessary, it is easy to link the payment with you.

The obvious disadvantage of such services is the geographical limitation of their use. The vast majority of these services operates in the USA, Canada and Western Europe, and is available only to residents of the countries in which they operate.

The scope of intermediary services for one time use debit cards is much wider than that of cryptocurrencies, although there are some limitations. There is a number of platforms, including large ones such as Google and Facebook, that do not accept disposable virtual credit cards. Moreover, you cannot verify accounts (Paypal and others) on a fictitious name and make recurrent payments using one time use prepaid credit card.

Intermediary Services
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Your personal data is hidden from recipients and protected from scammers

  • The scope is wider comparing to cryptocurrencies

  • Possibility of replenishment

  • Anonymity is limited - the service has your personal data

  • There are limitations in application

  • Limited availability - the service is not available in some countries

3. Prepaid virtual Bank cards

Using prepaid virtual bank cards, you can increase the anonymity of payments on the Internet. We do not consider reloadable debit cards because they do not allow you to set pseudonym as the name, and thus get at least some privacy. We're talking about non-renewable prepaid virtual cards with a preloaded balance that can be registered under a fictitious name. These virtual payment cards could be difficult to purchase due to geographical restrictions (cards are usually sold to residents of a particular country) and a limited number of points of sale (places where they can be purchased online). In addition, it is usually required to provide personal data and pass verification. Thus, as in the case of intermediary services, this option is conditionally anonymous, because under certain conditions, your payments can be associated with you.

The absolute advantage of prepaid virtual cards are very wide possibilities of payments. Cards are accepted in the vast majority of online services and shops, where prepaid cards are generally accepted. Moreover, you can verify accounts with these cards in many services (not all) and make recurrent payments. In this case, your real data is hidden from the recipients of payments, and you are protected from thievery of your data if you use a pseudonym.

Prepaid virtual Bank cards
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Your personal data is hidden from recipients and protected from scammers

  • Wide scope of application, including verification

  • Ability to make recurrent payments

  • Anonymity is limited - your personal data is received by the card seller

  • Limited availability - not available in every country

  • Replenishment is not available

4. Prepaid plastic Bank cards

Prepaid plastic bank cards is one of the best ways to make anonymous online payments. On the one hand, they have a very wide range of applications - they are accepted in the vast majority of stores and services. Using them, you can also verify accounts in many services. On the other hand, if you buy prepaid plastic bank cards in a store for cash, they allow you to provide almost absolute anonymity - they can be registered on any pseudonym, and a real personal data of the owner cannot be tracked. So, they really appear like data privacy credit cards. As an example of such cards, Playsafecards could be mentioned as very popular ones. They are sold in offline stores in Europe and North America. Despite the fact that they cannot be applied for offline payments, in all other respects they are a typical example of prepaid plastic cards with all their benefits and considerations.

However, these cards have a very noticeable limitation - they cannot be purchased online, and they are not available in most countries. In the US and Canada, prepaid plastic cards are often sold in conventional supermarkets. But, for example, in India, Morocco, Bangladesh and most other countries, you cannot purchase prepaid plastic cards suitable for payment worldwide.

The disadvantages of prepaid plastic Bank cards include the inability to make recurrent payments and their limited range - usually sold cards with a face value of at least $20 and not more than $200. For example, the nominal value limits of the aforementioned Playsafecards are $100 or €100, depending on the country.

Prepaid plastic Bank cards
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Complete anonymity of both purchase and use - your personal data is untraceable

  • Wide scope of application, including verification of various accounts

  • Very limited availability - cannot be purchased online, a small number of countries where such cards are sold

  • Limited range of a face value

  • Recurrent payment cannot be made

  • Replenishment is not available

5. Ezzocard prepaid virtual cards

Ezzocard prepaid virtual cards provide the best combination of security (complete anonymity), range of applicability and online availability.

Firstly, you can purchase Ezzocard debit cards using anonymous payment methods (cryptocurrencies). In this case, verification is not required, no ID is required, and even e-mail is not required. Thus, your real data cannot be tracked, which ensures absolute anonymity of the purchase.

Secondly, cards could be registered on a fictitious name, and thus make payments and verify accounts on behalf of a pseudonym.

Thirdly, Ezzocard virtual prepaid cards have the widest application possibilities for instant online payments. They can be used to pay for and verify accounts (PayPal verification, for instance) around the world, wherever Visa or Mastercard prepaid cards are accepted.

And fourthly, you can purchase Visa or Mastercard prepaid one time use cards from anywhere in the world - cards are available to everyone. At the same time, there is a fairly large range of cards with a prepaid amount from $5 to $900.

Perhaps the only drawback of Ezzocard is the inability of replenishment.

Ezzocard prepaid virtual cards
Advantages Disadvantages
  • Complete anonymity of both purchase and use - your personal data is untraceable

  • Wide scope of applications, including verification of various accounts

  • Availability - cards are easy to buy online from anywhere in the world

  • Ability to make recurring payments

  • Replenishment is not available

Summary table and conclusions

Payment method Crypto Disposable Cards Prepaid Virtual Cards Prepaid Plastic Cards Ezzocard Prepaid Virtual Cards

Anonymity of use

table-point-good table-point-good table-point-good table-point-good table-point-good

Anonymity of purchase

table-point-good table-point-bad table-point-bad table-point-good table-point-good

Availability of purchase

table-point-good table-point-average table-point-average table-point-bad table-point-good

Breadth of application

(where accepted)
table-point-bad table-point-average table-point-good table-point-good table-point-good

Volatility of value

table-point-bad table-point-good table-point-good table-point-good table-point-good

Possibility of replenishment

table-point-good table-point-good table-point-bad table-point-bad table-point-bad

According to the combination of qualities - anonymity, availability, breadth of applications - Ezzocard virtual payment cards is the best solution. However, in order to make the best choice, you need to start from your goals considering the circumstances. If, for example, you live in the United States of America or Canada, and anonymity is important to you only in terms of preventing theft identity, then perhaps the best solution for you is to order Disposable virtual Card. If your seller is ready to accept, for example, cryptocurrency, then it is probably more profitable to make payments in cryptocurrency.

But if you want to buy an anonymous reliable and universal tool for payments on the Internet, Ezzocard cards is the best choice today.