Virtual Credit Card Numbers and Other Ways to Raise Online Payment Safety

Payment safety on the Internet is becoming an increasingly burning issue by the day. On the one hand, it is due to the ever-growing volume of goods, services and online gaming solutions that people can buy without leaving their home, as well as to the constant growth of active buyers who prefer to save time through virtual operations. On the other hand, the number of money and identity attempted thefts on the web is meanwhile rising.

Today, the problem of payment security in cyberspace is addressed in various ways, which are mainly based on allowing you to partially or completely conceal your personal information. In terms of their nature, accessibility, convenience and degree of anonymity, these methods encompass the following categories:

  1. Virtual credit card numbers
  2. Digital Wallets
  3. Instant credit card numbers
  4. Masked card services
  5. Ezzocard prepaid VCC

Let us look at each of these options in detail.

Virtual Credit Card Numbers

Such a card number (or sometimes even called VCC), also known as a disposable or single-use credit card number, is, in a sense, a one-time substitute for a real credit card. If something happens to this number, you can always dispose of it and get a new one.

There are two basic reasons why people resort to disposable card numbers: security and convenience. You can simply provide sellers with this number, rather than give them the actual details of your real bankcard. In case of any issues with the safety of a site or a seller, you can just cancel this single-use card number. Thus, you should not be worried about your card data theft or any fraudulent transactions with it, since all that can be stolen from you is this one-time number. And apart from that, you do not need to report a theft and order a new card.

This type of credit cards does not offer any other extra safety features as compared with physical cards. Yet, a virtual card number takes on the role of the first line of defense, that can be easily replaced when necessary, so thieves will obtain the details of your one-time use credit card instead of your real card data. When using such VCC numbers, remember that they do not ensure full anonymity: only the number and some other details of your real credit card are hidden.

The utilization of VCC numbers looks particularly worthwhile in the following circumstances:

  • Online shopping: using this type of card numbers is advisable when making purchases on doubtful and suspicious sites or unfamiliar trading platforms. Just to be on the safe side.

  • Subscription services: we pretty often subscribe to various services on the Internet and later forget about them while recurring fees keep being charged to your bank card since the subscription updates automatically. And consequently, it takes much time and effort to get unsubscribed. The use of VCC numbers may solve this problem, as the service is able to debit your account only once.

  • You need to protect yourself from data leak. Nowadays data theft on the Internet is quite widespread. But if the hackers steal the number of your VCC, they will most likely be upset, while it will only take you a few minutes to create a new single-use number.

  • You want to provide your kids with some pocket money. You can give your children a disposable card number with a spending limit established instead of a full access to your real bankcard.

At the same time, you should bear in mind some certain inconveniences and restrictions arising from the use of virtual credit card numbers:

  • These cards can be utilized on the Internet only.

  • There may be some problems with refunds.

  • When booking services online (car rent, hotels, etc.), you may be requested to produce your card, which is impossible in this particular situation.

  • The one-time use card numbers are limited in availability since they are only provided by certain banks in the USA and solely for the US residents who are holders of the cards issued by these banks.

  • Your payments cannot be fully anonymous: only your real bankcard data are concealed.

  • You cannot link such cards to your PayPal account or apply them to PayPal and other systems account verification.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets store the details of your card in a safe (or considered as such) place. Each time when you make a payment, a one-of-a-kind token is generated which is employed instead of your real bankcard number.

Such wallets work similarly to disposable cards: when paying on the Internet, they mask the information of your real account by creating and applying a unique random number. However, digital wallets are accepted for payment only by particular merchants.

Moreover, they may not have a mobile version and some of them will allow you to make in-store purchases via your smartphone (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay).

Mastercard Masterpass and Visa Checkout can be used with any of the basic bankcards but you should remember that the wallet provided by a card issuer only work with the cards of the same issuing facility.

Instant Credit Cards Numbers

Certain card issuers offer such an option as instant credit card numbers which function straight after confirmation. American Express, USAA and Capital One are the only issuing institutions that grant such numbers to all of their cards whereas others give these numbers only to their specific cards.

Despite their apparent resemblance, instant card numbers and virtual card numbers are not very much alike: the former are the same as the account numbers on the respective plastic bankcards, while the latter are different from those printed on the physical cards. Hence, instant credit card numbers cannot guarantee either anonymity or extra data protection . The main advantage of instant credit card numbers is the rapidity of their delivery.

Masked Card Services

In fact, these are online services that mask or code the details of your payment.

The point is that they create a VCC tied to your real bankcard or to the specific fund that you deposit. These are, simply put, like some sort of single use prepaid cards. Depending on the performance characteristics of a particular service, there may be various packages and methods provided. All masked card services have one thing in common: they all raise the level of your card data security and make payments more anonymous. Many of them allow you to mask not only your payment instruments but also your other personal data. It means that the payment recipient neither has an access to your card number nor knows your true name. Yet, such services cannot ensure your complete anonymity since they obtain your real personal information and thus, if necessary, may link your transaction nickname to you.

Masked services can be more impersonal and convenient in comparison with one time use card numbers, the rest depends on your choice. It should be noticed that these services have area restrictions: they are usually available only for the residents of certain countries such as Canada, USA and Western Europe.

Ezzocard Virtual Prepaid Cards

Actually, this type of cards is an ideal option in terms of safety and confidentiality:

  • Ezzocard cards ensure your full security: you simply cut down the risk of theft to the remaining amount on your virtual card. Since there are cards of various nominal values, such risk can be reduced to zero.

  • You enjoy your full anonymity: you can purchase a card through anonymous payments without revealing your personal information and you can register it in any name (including aliases and nicknames) and to any existing address.

  • Neither identity checks are carried out nor your ID or any other documents are required when you buy and register an Ezzocard virtual card.

  • Ezzocard VCCs, unlike all the above-mentioned methods, can be utilized for verification of different accounts (PayPal, iTunes and others).

  • Ezzocard VCCs enable you to make purchases in any online shops, including those with the restricted area of sales.

  • The use of Ezzocard virtual cards guarantees the confidentiality of both your personal data and the information about the goods and services you have paid.

  • Ezzocard does not suggest you buy simply a one time use prepaid credit card online – it offers a long-life payment tool with a vast range of all necessary features.


All of the above means of online payment safety raising have their pros and cons which depend, inter alia, on your needs and place of residence.

Ezzocard virtual prepaid cards are the only online payment tool that provides your complete safety and anonymity and, at the same time, does not impose any restrictions on you. You can get them online worldwide and make a vast range of payments in the cyberspace without being worried about your funds and personal information safety.

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