Payment Opportunities in Gaming Online

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The Truth is the Internet has dramatically changed our world once and for all. We will never be the same and maybe, it's for the best. Don't know how to cook ravioli?.. Not a problem! On-line cuisine guides compete to give you the best recipe and YouTube channels are quite eager to snag your subscription. Looking for a job?... You don't even think of buying a newspaper for all recruitment is made right on your computer. It looks like all our daily life is there: we work, we earn money, we love, we listen to music and we play... Yes, we do play! The statistics say that today even people over 50 represent 23% of all gamers let alone those who are much younger. All has become web-based and even the most traditional giants like Xbox or PlayStation are ready to provide their networks to those who are ready to spend money.

The on-line video games industry revenues grow constantly and this market is, probably, the most dynamic one. It is expected to be worth over 90 billion US dollars by 2020 with the number of gamers expected to amount to 821.4 million by 2023.

It does not mean that you are supposed to pay right from the start. There are tons of free-to-play games where you get involved easily and eagerly, but careful there: skins, new heroes, additional levels and other goodies and niceties will very often cost. Will most of us resist? Don't think so - we need more fun and fun needs more money. And not only in-game money but real hard cash... ok, at least a credit card. Most on-line games operate with major payment cards and this doesn't seems to be a problem to use them whenever you want to make an immediate or at-play purchase. But, what if you do not own a credit or debit card or you do not want to expose it? What if the age of a player doesn't allow to get a bank account?

There are still quite enough options in such cases and these are mostly different types of prepaid cards including even cards that provide special gaming bonuses and perks.

In countries like the US, Canada prepaid cards are often sold at a nearest chain store and you only have to choose the amount of money you desire (which is sometimes printed on your card). Then everything is very simple: you activate it, then you get an access code which may be either on the card or on the receipt, you add your card to your game account and that's it! Today the most well-known and widespread games provide retailers with their own physical prepaid cards though such practice is not that expanded.

Another good news is that there arise new powerful payment instruments eg. virtual prepaid cards that you can instantly buy on-line and use it as you please. Some of them, however, have various limitations and are not accessible worldwide. Fortunately, Ezzocard is there for you and we offer quite a variety of virtual credit cards you can purchase directly on our web-platform from every part of the world, selecting the value desired and paying easily in different ways including cryptocurrencies. In doing so, you enjoy full anonimity of purchase and use (nickname registration, AVS support), legality, convenience and client support.

So, whatever is your hobby, wherever you are and no matter how much money you intend to spend to your delight, the gaming universe always strive to give you the most pleasure and fun. And you are there to pay.