What to do when you have not received or lost your card?

What to do if you paid, but have not received the card?

 1. Remain peace of mind. Technical failures occur, although they are very rare. Please be sure that we will solve any issues, and you will not lose your money.

 2. Please contact our support team by any convenient way of yours: e-mail or Live Chat Widget.

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3. In order to help us solve the problem faster, please include the Payment ID and the address, to which the payment was sent in the letter to support team. In case of payment by Perfect Money, send Batch number of your transaction.

Attention! Live Chat support is available on a regular basis 6am-3pm GMT, Monday - Friday. If it is Saturday, feedback on your request will be on Monday.


What to do if you have lost or not saved your card details?

 1. If accidentally you closed the page with card details and did not save them or lost the card, please contact our support team. You need to specify payment details in the request (Payment ID, BTC/ETH address where the payment has been sent or Batch number).

2. If you have lost some part of your card data (CVV, exp date or PIN) and you have not saved the details of your payment, please send all available details of the card to our support team, including the address to which your card is registered, and we will help you to recover the missing information.


The following recommendations will allow you to reduce the time of receiving the card in case of technical problems:

1. Enter your email on the page of your order. If you do not receive the card after the payment is completed, we will send the card to your e-mail the next business day.

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2. When paying with Bitcoin or Ethereum, please keep your Payment ID. Provision of your Payment ID when contacting our support team in regard of not receiving your card, will allow to speed up the search for your order in our system.

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We hope, our recommendations will make the service even more convenient and help to solve any possible difficulties in the shortest time possible.

Pleasant shopping on Ezzocard!