Home Shopping with a VCC


The world has been changing, you know. It is changing, quickly and drastically, tangibly and somehow ruthlessly. So, what are we left with? Just follow. Follow emerging trends, sense essential novelties, and be pretty reactive. For when it comes to something really important, something that we do need right away, our awareness of innovative models may be very handy. Finance and payments do not stand aside while progress rolls on and our reality is being reshaped. Cash and traditional settlements between people tend to shrink, giving way to more cutting-edge and technologically superior means of trade. Generally, these web-oriented, adaptive and practical solutions easily meet the latest challenges arising in our daily life.

Going totally on-line is as imminent today as bubbles in boiling water. Shopping, making business, entertainment, studies, science – everything is possible from home, and such services grow in number constantly, especially in the context of the current developments.

Yes, socializing is still an integral part of our normal living, albeit with few exceptions, and shopping has been the synonym of socialization for centuries. Many of us love to visit stores and markets, talk to people, exchange news etc. However, millennials, who are somewhat the new era novelties' motor, have set new trends and habits that most of those, who are older, should fit in with and follow, whether it involves buying new outfits, electronic devices or ordering sushi from a nearby bar. Moreover, there are often situations when we either do not or cannot go and purchase things off-line, voluntarily or involuntarily, owing to some particular reasons. All these aspects make us think of a wide variety of arising questions related to e-commerce, something like: “How secure and reliable is it? What is the most convenient way to pay? How long will the whole process take” and many, many more. Most of us are guided by the natural feeling of caution, and that is absolutely normal. For caution is about privacy, about reliability and safety.

Meanwhile, when bringing up the subject of privacy, it is worth mentioning that anonymity at purchase and payment seems to have become a major trending requirement among customers these days, and this is particularly relevant to those who work with cryptocurrencies. Although, there are quite a lot of services claiming to make your transactions fully anonymous, only too few of them really and legally comply with what they declare.

Actually, today's merchants provide a whole range of online payment options depending on their practice, willingness to implement new approaches or geographical regulations and requirements. But your simple desire to buy some goods in some country does not always mean you can really do it. Why? For example, because a web-store of our choice neither accept specific forms of payment nor deal with customers from your country. And these limitations may differ in many ways, in fact.

Using credit cards is, probably, the most wide-spread and handiest method, which is accessible at most web-based platforms and appraised by the public worldwide. Its mechanism is mainly familiar to most of us, so we primarily go for this option when there are many offered. And here comes that very aspect of security. “Trust but verify” is not always a bad principle, especially now, when there are hundreds of reports of frequent fraud, scamming or tracking on the Internet. So, many people become rather reluctant to uncover their regular plastic bankcard data to whomever they interact with, notably if this card relates to bank accounts with major savings.

Are there any ways out of this situation? Yes, there are and there are quite enough of them: gift and prepaid cards, instant credit card numbers, electronic wallets, masked card services etc. All of them allow you to purchase while staying with no direct contacts, and all of them have their specific benefits and drawbacks. In general, they are intended to provide customers with extra safety at online shopping and subscriptions, and prevent data leak. They are available either free of charge or sold at reasonable prices. Yet, lack of full anonymity and inaccessibility to people globally remain primary disadvantages (many of services are only accessible in the US, Canada and the EU).

Virtual credit cards (VCC) is another option you should consider if you value online privacy and security. They possess the same features as ordinary banking cards, except for a plastic carrier. Although the fact that one can get them remotely with no human contact is often appreciated these days, most VCCs are not flawless, however. The problem is that there exist quite a number of limitations hampering their purchase, e.g. the availability of an already existing regular credit card or, at least, a bank account in North America or Western Europe, or in most cases the US, Canada or the EU permanent residency.

In these conditions, Ezzocard prepaid virtual cards are almost an ideal solution for those who seek anonymousness, rapidity and convenience at buying. This variant is particularly advisable to those who intend to pay with Bitcoin or another crypto-currency.
These cards are available on-line for customers worldwide and, in contrast to other products of the same kind, Ezzocard bankcards are automatically and even instantly delivered on the website as soon as the payment is accepted.
Anonymity at registration is, by far, the major benefit. There is no need to enter customer's real name and address, for an assumed name and any existing billing address will work perfectly since all Ezzocard VCCs support Address Verification System (AVS). We should note that all these features apply to online verification including PayPal.
The other Ezzocard's attractive perks include direct balance check on the site, recurrent discounts, possibility of refund and lost card and data recovery, responsive and qualified customers support, user-friendly website interface.
Ezzocard prepaid bankcards are operational wherever prepaid Visa and Mastercards cards are accepted with no geographical restrictions.

The single drawback, one may probably mention, is their relatively higher price as compared to other VCCs.


In summary, we would like to emphasize that being cautious and aware of possible risks and issues while shopping on the Internet will help you find suitable, secure and convenient solutions to where you should make purchases and how you should pay. The choice is always yours.