What is a “Prepaid Virtual Card”?

Prepaid Virtual Card is a prepaid visa gift card issued by US based banks. It is the same as any other regular debit card minus the reloadable option. Visa virtual credit cards can be used with any name and US or international billing address. The expiration date is 1 year. Purchase of your virtual card is fully automated. Your card information will be provided to you within seconds after successful payment.

So can I shop anywhere using a prepaid virtual card purchased from you?

Prepaid virtual visa card is a virtual credit card that works just like a real credit card. Cards can be used at any web sites, online merchants, internet shops and web stores over the internet where payments by credit card are accepted: PayPal, AlertPay, CCBill, iBill, eBay, eFax, iTunes US, Mcafee, Moneybookers US, Norton Anti Virus, Google Checkout, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype, GoDaddy etc. Simply shop anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

Can the card be used to verify PayPal account?

Yes, virtual cards can be used to verify PayPal accounts worldwide. Please make sure to register your card first.

How long does it take to receive a VCC?

The delivery is instant after a successful payment via Perfect Money or Bitcoin.

How to apply for a card?

Simply buy visa virtual card on our web site using available payment methods.

What is the validity period of the Virtual cards?

Virtual cards with USD valid for one year. Canadian Virtual credit cards valid for almost 3 years.

What information can be used for the billing address?

You may use any real US or international address as your billing address. Make sure the city/state and zip code match!

Can Virtual Cards be used for payments in Euro, Pounds or any other currency?

Yes sure. You both US and Canadian virtual cards can be used for payments in any currency. USD and CAD will be automatically converted to the currency of payment. 

My virtual card was declined, why it might happen?

Some merchants may decline your transaction if your IP address does not match the country used in the billing address. Please be sure to use proxy and an english version internet browser. Some merchants do not accept prepaid cards. Make sure that there are no restrictions concerning using prepaid card on the merchant's website.

Can the VCC be reloaded?

Unfortunately our cards are not reloadable. However you can buy a new one.

My virtual visa card was declined. Can I get a refund?

Yes, sure. We offer refunds. We will refund 95% of the amount on your virtual card according to our refund policy, if for some reason your card is declined or if you didn't use the card and no longer need it.

I still have questions. What should I do?

Please contact our support department and we'll be happy to assist you.