All You Need To Know About Credit Card Generators

Before you go any further reading this article, we consider it essential to emphasize that our company does not deal or offer any generated card numbers and that Ezzocard products are genuine prepaid virtual cards issued by banks in the US and Canada. However, since this subject is getting pretty popular lately, we chose not to stay away from it and give you a brief overview, telling you what credit card number generators are and what they are for, what people can or cannot do with them, and how they differ from real virtual bankcards. To that end, let's go over what we know about credit, debit or prepaid bank cards.

As we are all aware, a bank card is a tool linked to a bank account allowing to pay for goods or services while money is debited from the account. The key element of a bankcard is not the carrier (a plastic card with a magnetic stripe and a chip), but the information it contains: a card number, a CVV, a PIN and a cardholder's personal data. Possessing this, we can make online payments even without a physical card itself.

So, what is credit (debit) card generator?

We should begin by pointing out that credit card generators are frequently confused with virtual credit card numbers despite the fundamental difference between them: the former are a mere imitation of a credit card number giving no possibility to pay in reality, while the latter is a veritable payment instrument linked to an existing and valid bankcard.

In fact, each bank card bears its unique number (known as PAN – Primary Account Number) usually consisting of 16 digits, yet it may sometimes vary from 13 up to 19 digits depending on a particular strategy of an issuer or a network. The fields of such a number have their specific meanings: the first six digits represent the issuer identification number (IIN), followed by an individual account identification number (also known as bank identification number or BIN) and a single-digit checksum which validates the PAN to protect against accidental errors.

A card number generator randomly creates a combination of characters which looks like a plausible PAN when validated by the Luhn formula (or MOD 10 algorithm destined to prevent typing and other errors). Even though most of web-based generating tools provide only the card number, there are some of them claiming they are capable of producing other important data such as a CVV code, an expiration date or a cardholder's name and address. But you should beware, since all this is pure scam and totally illegal. Anyway, we advise you to refer to cases where these generated card numbers are mainly used.

The credit card number generators' main purpose is checking. We often come across situations in which we are required to enter our bankcard data online, for instance when making a subscription or trying a new merchant, and the first thought that comes to mind is what will happen to our security or privacy. In such a case using generated data might make sense at least.

Sometimes software product developers or programmers may resort to the use of generators when testing their new products (websites, mobile apps, e-commerce platforms etc.) in the pipeline in order to trace potential shortcomings or issues relating to payment process.

Another motive though rather minor is educational and involves training new clients or young users on how to pay on-line with a credit card. The utilization of simulated information or data in such circumstances might be quite helpful.

In all other situations these web-tools appear to be more than dubious if not dangerous. Actually, all generated card numbers are fake since they are not provided by a bank or another issuing facility. And even if online merchants identify such numbers as valid ones due to the same creating algorithm, any attempt to pay with them will come to nothing for there is no real money on a real bank account. Strictly speaking trying to make a payment by means of a falsified card is considered to be pure fraud and a criminal act, so we never recommend to do it. Nowadays there exist several websites inviting you to generate credit card numbers. We are not inclined to specify them here since they are easily googled. We should warn you not to buy into their sweet promises such as “free credit card generator with money” and so on. Only swindlers may lure naive people striving for freebies this way. You should not give in to temptation to purchase cards which price is lower than their face value either – nobody gives you money for nothing!

There are quite a lot of opportunities to get generated credit or debit card numbers today, but their scope of application is very limited, so do not use them for real online shopping and especially beware frauds.

Ezzocard neither offer nor distribute any generated numbers. We provide genuine prepaid virtual bankcards issued by US and Canadian banks. Our cards are anonymous as they may be registered in any name including assumed ones and any existing address. Just take advantage of them to pay for goods and services or verify accounts.