Viable Solution for Apple Developer Payment Issue

Since late 2019 many of the people who already uses or want to enroll for Apple Developer Program have been experiencing a major payment issue either when trying to renew their membership or when first registering their developer's accounts – payments cannot go through and Apple authorization fails. This problem has been reported globally and yet, no clear explanation on how to efficiently address this issue has not been given by the Cupertino giant. Those who contacted their support for assistance get rather vague replies and apologies for such an inconvenience.

Message boards, forums and chats are packed with all kinds of theories on the matter, people share their experience in attempt to find a dependable solution and some even occasionally succeed. The options brought forward suggest using Safari browser, switching on Face ID, shifting to a bankcard provider supporting SCA (Strong Authentication) etc., but none of them actually guarantee they will work in every case and in every country. However, there does exist a viable fix for the problem and this is provided by Ezzocard.

The Crux of the Problem

Before we explain how you can pay your Apple Developer Program enrollment or renewal, let us have general look at the issue itself.

When registering an account, each iOS developer must submit a whole bunch of data to Apple which are supposed to be reviewed then by the company within two days of what the user is notified, respectively. Once the verification procedure is over, 99 US dollars are debited to the person's bank account. And here lies the heart of the problem: no costs subtracted, no error reported, no message or warning received, in short, nothing happens. The status of the application lingers on “processing” with no sign of changing or the payment gets rejected by the system suddenly and without explanation.

The question of what to do still remains open as judged by the ongoing user queries on the web.

Based on the practice, we believe the difficulty is most likely caused by the use of particular bankcards for we know the cases in which even payments from the EU were not accepted despite the fact that the cardholders were officially enrolled as Apple Developers and their debit cards were issued by European banks.

Our Solution to the Issue

Hopefully, we in Ezzocard seem to have found a sensible and simple solution – Ezzocard virtual cards.

Here is an example from our product consumers' experience which we thoroughly studied and verified, and not once, to be sure it does work.

One of our European customers being previously enrolled for Apple Developer Program tried to renew his membership. When all the online forms were filled in and European bankcard was specified for the payment, the request was submitted for review. The further developments went in a typical way – no answer from Apple for quite awhile. Another card of a local bank did not work either. Then, the customer opted an Ezzocard card and, bingo, the day after the payment got accepted and the confirmation was received. It should be pointed out, however, that the card was charged 99 US dollars plus a tax of 6.19 USD which implies that the card balance must be sufficient for any extra fees.

All this has persuaded us that our cards are really effective and could help developers meet the challenge. We presume as well that the key point lies in Address Verification Service and all Ezzocard virtual prepaid cards support AVS and can be registered to any real billing address.

Our How-to Instructions

To be substantive and provide proofs, we invited our another customer to go through the process of membership renewal and here is our illustrated step-by-step guide for you.

Before renewal, you should purchase one of our cards with a face value allowing you to pay the renewal or new membership fee and presumably an additional tax (taxes) following the instructions on and register it on our web-site in the “Card Registration and Balance” section if the card needs to be registered. Please be sure you have properly and securely stored your card data for further use.

Now that you possess the card, please proceed as follows.

Step 1

Go to your page of Apple Developer Program account, sign in and click “Renew Membership” in the right upper corner.

Step 2

On the Checkout page in the “How do you want to pay?” area, click on “New Credit or Debit Card” (be sure you are signed in to your Apple ID account page. If not, please sign in)

Step 3

Enter all necessary information: your card number, expiration date, CVV code etc.

Click on the Continue to Review button.

Step 4

The following page with your payment details will appear (pay attention to the estimated tax included in the Your Total area.

After you have revised all your payment details, click on “Place Your Order”.

The screen will turn to “You're all set” as follows and you can click on “Return to Apple Developer” to get back to the main page of your account.

You will shortly receive the following email message from Apple telling you your order is being processed:

Step 5

You can check your payment status in the “Card Registration and Balance” section at – normally, this should display “pending”.

Step 6

Check your email box for this incoming Apple's message confirming your payment has been accepted and your membership has been renewed :

That's it!

(Note: To illustrate this example, we used an American user's Apple account with an IP-address in the US. If the payment is made from a different country, minor differences may occur e.g. no Apple Card payment option available).

Bottom Line

As you can see, the problem which seemed to be quite persisting for several months has found an easy and workable solution – Ezzocard virtual prepaid bankards. This simple instrument will ensure the highroad to many types of successful registrations, verifications and e-shopping.

Ezzocard online store offers Visa and Mastercard bankcards supporting AVS and allowing you to make payments freely and anonymously on most Web-platforms. They are accessible worldwide and can be registered in any name including aliases and in any valid address.

Enjoy your shopping with Ezzocard!