About Virtual Gift Cards

Gift cards are a type of stored-value card designed for purchasing goods and services. What sets them apart is that their monetary value is linked solely to the card's unique identifier rather than the holder's bank account. This means they work a lot like cash, giving you the freedom to use them anonymously and share them with others without any fuss. Although there are several types of gift cards (retailer gift cards or closed loop cards, universal gift cards etc.), Ezzocard.com/gift offers virtual retailer gift cards.

Virtual retailer gift cards, alias eGift cards, are digital vouchers that can be purchased and redeemed online. They provide the convenience of instant delivery via email or text message, allowing recipients to easily access and use them for purchases from their favorite retailers' websites. These digital alternatives to traditional gift cards grant flexibility and versatility, making them an ideal choice for last-minute gifts or convenient shopping experience. At Ezzocard.com/gift, you can buy virtual gift cards from leading brands using cryptocurrencies as a payment method, ensuring your shopping process remains truly anonymous.

However, we do not assume any responsibility for the functionality of the gift cards we sell, and for all questions, customers should contact their issuers directly.

The customers should also be aware that some of the gift cards have geographical restrictions and limitations, and may only be valid in specific regions. For instance, Amazon US virtual gift cards cannot be used on Amazon Canada.

To sum up:

  • Virtual gift cards are always linked to a particular online retailer that issued them just as regular gift cards that you can buy with cash.
  • All questions and concerns should be addressed directly to the issuers of such cards, and ezzocard.com bears no responsibility for their functioning.
  • Customers should always check if the virtual gift card they purchase can operate without restrictions there where they intend to use it.
  • The delivery of virtual gift cards on ezzocard.com/gift is made either immediately and right on the website after purchasing if in automatic mode or by email if a manual payment method has been chosen.

So, virtual gift cards remain a popular choice for their ease of use and versatility. Discover it with Ezzocard.com today!